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May 21, 2021

Now More Than Ever It's Time To Hire An Agent


The real estate market has been on fire creating one of the largest supply and demand shortages we have seen in recent history. Most homes that are listed for sale on the market are receiving offers well above the list price in a record short time. The combination of pent up housing demand, low interest rates, investors buying short term rental portfolios, and more millennials entering the market has left demand exceeding supply. Homeowners have been reluctant to sell because of the ongoing pandemic and the risk of not finding anywhere to live themselves. 


With all the factors that go into buying a home in this current market, it is more important than ever to hire a real estate professional to navigate you successfully through the process. In this article, we outline the most important reasons to hire an agent in a competitive market. 


Put Your Best Foot Forward



After perusing Zillow for what seems like an eternity and touring the home of your dreams, it’s finally time to put in an offer. While the seller’s agent cannot legally disclose the details of submitted offers, your agent can speak with the seller’s agent and find out what the seller’s motivations for moving are. They may have a job transfer, want more space, or simply want to cash out. When you hire your agent, they are working in your best interest and any seasoned agent knows to ask the listing agent exactly what the seller wants. The highest offer does not always win. They might want a lease back for a few months until they find a new home or they may want to close as quickly as possible. These are all factors that will “sweeten the deal” in your offer. Chances are the listing agent and your agent have worked together in the past and may already have a relationship with open communication.


Be In the Know



Real estate agents are a tight knit community. Most of us have been around the area for many years volunteering, attending events, networking, and running into each other in the lift line. Because of this, we are aware of what buyers are looking for in the market. A lot of properties, especially in a competitive seller’s market do not even go live on MLS. These are known as “pocket listings.” When working with an agent, we put feelers out to other agents ahead of time and if something that fits your perfect scenario is about to come on the market, you may have an opportunity to submit an offer before others get a chance.  If you’re navigating the process alone, you will miss out on the chance to get a pocket listing.   


All That Boring Legal Stuff



A very important step in the process is the paperwork that goes into buying and selling a home. Reading a listing agreement can put accountants to sleep. The legal mumble jumble real estate language is not something we expect buyers to pick up on their own, putting buyers flying solo at risk of signing something they don’t fully understand. When hiring an agent, you can rest assured that the agent is fully knowledgeable about what goes in the contract and where to protect you legally. This saves you from accidentally signing something such as completely waving the inspection even though there is visible mold present in the bathroom. Let the agent worry about the contracts so you can worry about more important things such as what to do with that 70’s shag carpet in the living room. 


Peace of Mind


Photo credit: Yampa Valley Community Foundation

The final and the arguably most important piece is having the peace of mind that you are doing everything in your power to be the most prepared to put your best foot forward and have a smooth transaction. By hiring an agent, deciding ahead of time through a Buyer’s Exclusivity Agreement what the contract entails, and having the agent work solely in your best interest is the topping on the cake. Agents do not get paid a dime unless they get you into a house. You bet they will do everything in their power to get you into the home of your dreams and use their experience and expertise to put in the winning offer and see it through beginning to end. 


In a market like this, your offer will need to stand out from the rest. The most important aspect is to have an excellent agent by your side. I have done exceptionally well navigating my clients through this dynamic market by securing multiple buyers the home of their dreams, even when the odds may be against them in this market. My strategies of putting in the strongest offer for my buyers have won countless times. If you’re in the market to buy or sell, reach out today. I am here for you and will work hard to make sure you have a good experience. 

March 18, 2021

Is Now the Right Time to Cash Out?


As you watch your neighbor’s home go under contract in less than a week for well above list price and multiple offers, you may be wondering, is now the right time to cash out? While this question ultimately comes down to your own personal decision on whether or not a move is right for you, we are here to tell you that it may just be the ideal time. 


What we are experiencing is a perfect storm in the real estate market. 


Unless you live in New York City or San Francisco, housing inventory in desirable locations such as Steamboat Springs, CO is low and price tags are at all time highs.


Low inventory, low interest rates, and pent up buyer demand from stay at home orders are creating a supply and demand imbalance all over the country and Steamboat is not immune from it. Sellers are holding onto their homes for various reasons mostly due to a worldwide pandemic and more buyers are in the market due to low interest rates, lifestyle optimization, and pent up demand from a halt in inventory. Demand is out succeeding supply in historic numbers. 


Economic crash course 101 - supply and demand make the economy tick and when the equilibrium is off, it creates a sense of urgency on both sides but particularly the demand (buyer) side.  



To put it into perspective, the $800,000 mountain oasis you purchased in Steamboat at the beginning of last year is now valued over 1 million dollars. We have seen a 36% year over year increase in median sales price and the inventory has almost been cut in half since the same quarter in 2019. Since the supply of mountain homes is low, the available properties are going under contract much faster and often well above asking price with multiple offers.  


This begs the million dollar question, is now the right time to sell? We think it is. 


There are motivated buyers out there eager to purchase a home in mountain towns like Steamboat Springs and who can blame them? Buyers are moving out of the city at alarming rates and opting for views, recreation, and the “live your best life” lifestyle Steamboat over provides. 


The work from home revolution has transformed mountain town living opportunities. Only a few short years ago, it was not uncommon to cram into an apartment in the city to be close to your office. Now that the remote shift is full steam ahead and not slowing down, it is the best opportunity to fulfill one's dreams of finally living in a ski town. Lunch laps anyone?


Is now the right time? This market is unlike any other we have seen. In typical times, if you were pulling out your onesie for gaper day with spring looming in the air, I would advise you to start getting ready to list in the upcoming busy summer months. However; this is not a normal market and mud season is not our typical indicator to start prepping your home. My advice would be to get it on the market as soon as possible to beat the summer “rush.” But first, have a plan on where you are going to live. 


If you’re lucky enough for this to be your second home, you may not need to make a purchase quickly and you can wait until some inventory opens up to purchase your next mountain oasis.  


Whatever your motivations are, I am with you every step of the way to navigate this dynamic market with your best interests at heart. Through my extensive knowledge of the Steamboat market, I will make sure to do everything I can to get top dollar for your home. You are my top priority. Reach out for a free market analysis. 


Angela Ashby


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Jan. 5, 2021

Are You Living Your Best Life?



This past year, the true generosity and spirit came out in our community of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We were challenged to say the least. The year made us reflect on what is really important in our lives, especially our atmosphere and the people around us. The year reaffirmed where we want to be located and what trail or ski run in life we want to drop in. 


Mountain towns saw an influx of people and Steamboat is no exception. With the increasing rate of at home work and school, individuals realized they wanted to optimize for more space and a better lifestyle, rather than their current situation which may have consisted of being crammed in a small apartment in NYC. Big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter have announced they are going remote indefinitely. Would you rather take your lunch skiing champagne powder or cramming in a subway? This was an aha moment for many people who realized they’re not “living their best lives.”


With this influx of people, housing inventory dropped significantly and prices have gone up. We expect the same trend to continue in 2021. It has been the perfect storm with residents sheltering in place which means less inventory and people in the city flocking to the mountains to take advantage of lifestyle and historically low interest rates. This came as no surprise to us as Steamboat is a magical winter wonderland and boasts an incredible summer full of biking, hiking, and endless activities. 


Photo credit: Yampa Valley Community Foundation


Steamboat isn’t like other places. It is special and after a challenging year, we really saw how our community came together. A good example is the Yampa Valley Gives Day. This little hamlet in Northern Colorado donated over $1.1 Million dollars to 67 local organizations breaking last year’s record. Amazing! It’s not surprising that folks want to live in a great community. It’s a real town with real people not to mention some of the best skiing, biking, and hiking in the world. It is one of the best places to put down roots. There’s nothing like escaping the stress of everyday life by being outside and breathing in fresh mountain air especially from the top of a mountain. 



On the other side of the spectrum, there was discussion in town about the influx of visitors during a pandemic. This left some locals wondering if now is the perfect time to fulfill their dreams of traveling the country in an RV and getting top dollar for their home by selling it in a competitive market. If you are considering selling, as much as we truly miss anyone who leaves our community, now might be the perfect time financially. Out of towners are looking for an escape to the mountains and even long time locals are looking for more space. With this influx of people combined with low interest rates, this drives housing prices up creating bidding wars and significant price increases. This is good and bad news depending on your situation. 


Tips for buyers:


Be Patient. With a decrease in inventory, this typically comes along with multiple offers. You may have to put in a few offers before yours gets accepted. We believe everything happens for a reason and because you may have missed out on one house, a better one will be in your future.

Get ready. Have your finances in order. When the right house comes along, make sure to have a preapproval letter. If your situation allows it, cash offers are accepted more often in a competitive market. 

Work with a Professional. A REALTOR will negotiate the best deal for you. They also may have listings that are “off market.” Someone who has lived in the area a long time and has good connections will be able to find these listings quicker. 


Tips for sellers:


Consider it. Even if selling was not on your mind, consider it. With inventory being so low, now may be the perfect time to get the best price for your property. If you were considering traveling or a change of scenery, now may be your chance! 

Focus on curb appeal. Just because there is low inventory, it does not mean you can get away with poor curb appeal and clutter. Buyers want good energy, clean spaces, and inviting atmospheres especially if they will be paying top dollar. 

Work with a Professional. A REALTOR may have a buyer before your house even hits the market. This could allow you to only do a few showings before it is sold which would prevent people from walking through your house. A broker will also do a market analysis to make sure your home is priced correctly to have less days on the market, while still getting you a great price. 


If you’re looking at buying or selling, I have lived, biked, walked, and driven every neighborhood in Steamboat Springs. My love for the mountains began at a young age and I am blessed to call these mountains my forever home. If you are considering making the move and need more convincing read my article “Living the Mountain Life” and if you’re thinking about selling, reach out for a free market analysis. I am here to answer any questions you may have. 


Angela Ashby, RE/MAX Partners 

Your Steamboat Home

Oct. 26, 2020

Why Fall is the Best Time to Live in the Mountains

In Colorado, summers seem to fly by. One minute we are packing away our Patagonia fleeces and pulling out Chocos and the next it's time for our overflowing amount of fleeces to make their appearance again. However, ask any local what their favorite time of the year in the mountains is and most of them will answer with a resounding - Fall. The fall is a hidden gem in the mountains. The aspens turn to gold, the wildlife makes more appearances, town is less crowded and more laid back. 


Autumn in the mountains is also considered Steamboat Springs “off season.” This is the time for locals to reset in the anticipation of winter. In this article, we will go over why fall is the best time to visit, play and live in the mountains. 


Fewer People

As much as the local mountain folks appreciate having visitors in town to mingle with and fill local businesses, they also enjoy the reset in the fall. With school starting around the country, mountain towns typically have fewer visitors which means more room to play on the trails, shop at the stores, and hang with other locals at the bar and restaurants all while being able to find a parking spot. 



Photo Credit: Uncover Colorado


Steamboat Springs is not only known for its champagne powder but also its natural hot springs especially Strawberry Hot Springs which is a few short miles out of town. While this activity hits the spot year round, fall is often the best time for a soak. Fall foliage, cool air, less crowds, and the laid back mountain town vibe is in full swing at the springs. 




Nothing beats the aspens turning golden in Colorado surrounded by majestic snow capped peaks. The views are endless as you explore town, Steamboat Mountain, and the surrounding trails. Not only are there endless miles of trails to explore but you can also take a scenic drive to leaf peep. Our favorites are Rabbit Ears Pass, Elk River Road, and Buffalo Pass. 


Best time to get outside



With the cooler weather, less tourists, and beautiful scenery, getting outside during the fall is the best time to hit the trails, walk around town, rake leaves, and to bring the autumn colors inside your house. It is also the last chance to tidy up any yard work left over from the summer. Make sure to check out our favorite trail located on Buff Pass, Flash of Gold, that was named for the aspen trees that line the trail and light the trail in gold as the leaves change. 


Town creativity


Photo Credit: Mountain Top Brewery


Similar to locals resetting in the fall, it is also a great time for businesses to reset before the busy winter rush of explorers arrive into town. This includes changing decor, menus, inventory, and getting creative with seating. Many of the restaurants in Steamboat Springs are creating heated, outdoor oases such as yurts and tents to adhere to social distancing measures while keeping guests safe, warm and cozy. A great example is Mountain Tap Brewery, They are setting up gondola cars on their expansive patio so you can enjoy sipping your beer from your very own private gondola car. 


Unbeatable Deals


With the dip in tourists and the changing of seasons comes incredible deals. Hotels typically have more vacancy, spas offer discounts, retail stores offer sales on summer gear, and restaurants offer off season specials. Fall is a great time to take advantage of these savings. Everything about this unique mountain town is still there but less on your pocketbook. If you’re in the mood for relaxation, check out Waterside Spa. During the autumn season, if you book a 90 minute massage, receive a free pedicure. There’s nothing like loose muscles and pretty toes going into ski season. 


While all seasons in the mountains are spectacular, there’s something about the crisp air, fall foliage, and no pressure to ski everyday that makes you long to spend time in the mountains during the fall.  Steamboat Springs is filled with activities, community, and culture. 


The area is also filled with beautiful mountain homes for every type of buyer. I have lived in Steamboat for numerous years and would love to help you find your ideal mountain escape so you can enjoy all the fun Steamboat has to offer. Please reach out anytime. 

Aug. 12, 2020

Came for the Skiing, Stayed for the Community

Unlike the big city noises and urban traffic, the atmosphere of mountain communities is quiet, laid back, and personal.  The focus in these communities typically consists of close connections with people, nature, and experiences. Residents value good conversations, friendships, and adventure. It creates a melting pot of people from all over the world that have shared values.


With fewer distractions and less people than urban areas, familiar faces are all around. It’s typical to know all your neighbors, barista, bartender, and mayor. You might run into them in the lift line, on the street, or at the top of your favorite mountain trail. This close knit community has a strong support system built on a work hard/play hard attitude.  


Steamboat Springs, Colorado exemplifies these community characteristics. People typically move to Steamboat for the same reasons - outdoor adventures, more space to roam, and to build meaningful relationships. It’s not uncommon for someone to move for a winter to ski and end up staying for years. The people make the community special and the people here are incredible.



Being surrounded by nature in the mountains has a positive effect on your metal and physical health. Feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and anger dissipate. When these toxic feelings are reduced, people tend to be more relaxed and kinder. It’s often said, “You are who you surround yourself with” and mountain town people tend to be the “good ones.” 


Many community members take an active role in their community. They have found ways to give their time to worthwhile civic, nonprofit and service organizations. There are more than 100 official charities in Routt County making it easy for newcomers to get involved. During hard times, locals have stepped up to help others through donations, food drives, grocery shopping, childcare and more. Locals have also stepped up to help small businesses by shopping local, ordering takeout, and buying gift cards. 


The Steamboat Springs Chamber of Commerce has been putting together resources for both employers and employees during these times of unknown, as well as aiding in helping businesses navigate loans through the Small Business Bureau. Steamboat truly exemplifies the saying “we are all in this together” and the city is committed to helping one another through good and bad times. 


Not only are there numerous community opportunities to get involved with, economic opportunities are growing in Steamboat such as the development of the Steamboat Springs Economic Development Council. This council provides resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing leadership, economic programs and support to encourage a strong business atmosphere for business owners and employees. 


Photo Credit: Main Street Steamboat


Entrepreneurs are moving to mountain towns to set up shop away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are entrepreneurs of all scales in mountain towns ranging from remote founders of Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs starting their first local business. The best part about the mountain community mentality is that people are more than willing to share knowledge and lend a helping hand to those with less experience. With this strong economic innovation and community involvement, high quality jobs are becoming more accessible. 


No matter which mountain town you decide to lay down roots, get ready to make lifelong friends in a tight-knit community.  We are all here for the same reason - to have adventures, make connections, and live the dream. This is what makes Yampa Valley such a unique place to live, work and play. 


Angela Ashby has lived and worked in Steamboat for many years. She has hiked, walked, biked, and even driven every corner. Angela is involved in the community and sits on the chair of the Steamboat Board of Realtors. Being an expert in the area, she would love to help you get immersed in the Steamboat community. Reach out

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June 23, 2020

Living the Mountain Life



How many times have you traveled to the mountains and looked at a real estate app to scope out the local housing market? Living in the mountains does not have to be only a dream while you’re traveling. What if you could have it all - live, work, and play where you vacation? There’s nothing quite as special as waking up to catch the first chair on a powder day or hitting the trails on your bike surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  


The number of people leaving urban areas is at an all time high. People are prioritizing quality of life and the mountain lifestyle is pretty special. These last few months our world has experienced higher than usual stressful times. We are very fortunate to have a mountain lifestyle we can “escape” to and destress while surrounded by natural beauty. But do you really have to go back? We’ve compiled our top reasons why mountain life might be your next best move. 


Quality of Life


It’s no surprise with all the fresh mountain air, exercise, and laid back lifestyle that quality of life is so high in the mountains. In fact, Colorado mountain towns boast some of the longest longevity in the country. Summit County has the longest life expectancy in the entire United States at 86.86 years old. If you weren’t already health conscious before moving to the mountains, expect a health revolution and major boost in quality of life. Most residents in mountain towns are health “nuts” which helps them power up the ski resort on their morning trail run or take endless powder runs after a foot of new champagne powder. 


Plenty of exercise opportunities



The exercise opportunities of living in the mountains are endless. You can easily get your daily exercise in while having a blast doing it. One of the toughest decisions you will have to make in a day is whether you want to go for a lunch ski run, go for a hike, or hit the trails for a mountain bike ride. Living in a mountain town will encourage you to “level up” your amount of activity, get out of your comfort zone, and seek adventure with like-minded people all while reaping the health benefits. 


Natural Social Distancing 


Our mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado has hundreds of miles of trails for walking, running, and mountain biking. While some trails are busier than others, it’s common for most of them to be the only soul in sight, giving adventurers plenty of room to “social distance.” You may be sharing the trail with wildlife but if you come across another person, you will have plenty of room to give at least 6 feet, most likely much more. We cannot say the same about a trail in a crowded city. 


Family Friendly



If you’re craving a safe atmosphere where your children will grow up to be strong, independent, adventurous, community driven human beings, then mountain town living is for you. Since mountain towns tend to be small, everyone knows each other by name. They all look out for the community members. You and your kids will have forever adventure buddies. It is also common for mountain towns to play hooky from school one day per week to go skiing. We call it “ski PE.” Not to mention, your kids will have the best mountain views from their school while enjoying the endless opportunities mountain towns provide. 


The Community


Photo credit: Library of Congress


We cannot emphasize enough the great, tight-knit community mountain towns offer. The people tend to be relaxed, adventurous, creative, spontaneous, diverse, and fun loving folks. It’s common to head to the store and run into 5 people you know - your child’s teacher, neighbor, yoga instructor, best friend, and possibly the mayor. This means you will have friends everywhere you go! People all flock to the mountains for the same reason - to have adventures, make connections, and live the dream. 


Hopefully this article has convinced you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and head to the mountains. I have walked, biked, and even driven through every inch of my hometown, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My love for Colorado began when I was 10 on my first ski trip to the mountains and has only grown through the years. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the dream with other locals, visitors, and new residents. If you need more convincing, I am here to answer all of your questions. Reach out today. 


Angela Ashby, RE/MAX Partners 

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Aug. 23, 2019

3 Day Steamboat Pass | Buy Now!



For those of you traveling here or just want a few days to ski, Steamboat is now offering their 3-day pass for $199. You have until Aug 26th to purchase online, so don't delay.

Click here to purchase



• Days do not have to be used consecutively.

• Limit one pass per person.

• Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable.

• Pass not valid December 26 - 31, 2019

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Aug. 19, 2019

New Construction! Steamboat Lofts at Riverside

Exterior Steamboat Lofts

Modern. Contemporary. Fun.

Recently, you might have seen on my newsletter that we have launched the project Steamboat Lofts at Riverside. This is exciting new boutique project on the west side of Steamboat is going to be a great addition to that side of town. 

This project offers a realistic ownership opportunity to live or work. It includes 9 residential condos and 5 separate professional office spaces. Condos start at $370,000 and Offices start at $99,000.

Whether you are a professional, creative or someone who wants to get into the housing market, this is THE spot! The project incorporates the contemporary design of loft construction with attention to clean lines, contemporary kitchens and baths, outdoor living, garage and a large community rooftop deck. For those seeking a more urban feel, this is for you! Nearby access to restaurants, breweries, retailers, the Yampa River, the Core Trail, free transit makes this a prime location to live or work and the price point is amazing!

We have broken ground, so reserve your spot now for spring 2020 completion! 

It's super easy to reserve your spot: 

  • $5,000 reserves your choice of condo, $3,000 for offices and this money goes towards the 5% earnest money and is held by Land Title.
  • You have a document and loan review period of approximately 30 days and then the balance of the 5% earnest money is due. 
  • We will have finish options available soon for you to choose.
  • There are 6 garages available, so first come first served. We will have storage areas for the 2 condos without garages
  • There is one ADA compliant unit available with 618 SF, 1-car garage and is priced at $275,000
  • Offices will have sealed concrete floors and drywall, but if you would like a tenant finish we can bid that for you


2 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms

1-Car Garage (first come first served)

Gas Fireplace, Gas Range / Oven

Quartz Countertops

Stainless Steel Appliances

A/C Units

"LVP" Durable Flooring

Porcelain/Ceramic Tile in Bathrooms

Plenty of Storage in units

Vaulted Ceilings in 3rd floor units

Spacious Outdoor Living / Rooftop Deck


Sealed Concrete Floors

A/C Unit

Common Area Kitchenette, Bathrooms, Deck


The website is a great resource. Currently, we have 3 under contract so don't delay as this is a small project and the good ones will go fast.

Contact me for additional details! or 970.819.4897


Live. Play. Own.

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April 8, 2019

Trailside Village in Steamboat

The new condo project, Trailside Village in Steamboat is getting some traction as we have 13 under contract and a few more in the works. It's been a long time since we have seen new condo construction in Steamboat and this first phase will bring 46 units to the market. The property will have 1,2 and 3 bedroom condos. All of the 2+ bedroom units will have a garage and carport and there are two more one bedroom condos left with a carport and storage unit. Groundbreaking this spring and completion summer of 2020, don't miss out on pre-construction pricing. I have all of the details, so let's talk soon about securing your spot in Steamboat.













Live. Play. Own.

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Jan. 22, 2019

Real Estate Numbers for December 2018-Steamboat Springs

Here is some data that provides a snapshot of the state of real estate in and around Steamboat Springs from year-end December 2018 numbers. We are seeing steady activity across most sectors and find that we still need inventory in the $400-800k range of single family and duplex properties with garages. Buyers are actively looking and we are witnessing multiple offers when the property is priced right and fits the criteria. In other words, it's still a great time to sell.

Live. Play. Own.

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