Unlike the big city noises and urban traffic, the atmosphere of mountain communities is quiet, laid back, and personal.  The focus in these communities typically consists of close connections with people, nature, and experiences. Residents value good conversations, friendships, and adventure. It creates a melting pot of people from all over the world that have shared values.


With fewer distractions and less people than urban areas, familiar faces are all around. It’s typical to know all your neighbors, barista, bartender, and mayor. You might run into them in the lift line, on the street, or at the top of your favorite mountain trail. This close knit community has a strong support system built on a work hard/play hard attitude.  


Steamboat Springs, Colorado exemplifies these community characteristics. People typically move to Steamboat for the same reasons - outdoor adventures, more space to roam, and to build meaningful relationships. It’s not uncommon for someone to move for a winter to ski and end up staying for years. The people make the community special and the people here are incredible.



Being surrounded by nature in the mountains has a positive effect on your metal and physical health. Feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and anger dissipate. When these toxic feelings are reduced, people tend to be more relaxed and kinder. It’s often said, “You are who you surround yourself with” and mountain town people tend to be the “good ones.” 


Many community members take an active role in their community. They have found ways to give their time to worthwhile civic, nonprofit and service organizations. There are more than 100 official charities in Routt County making it easy for newcomers to get involved. During hard times, locals have stepped up to help others through donations, food drives, grocery shopping, childcare and more. Locals have also stepped up to help small businesses by shopping local, ordering takeout, and buying gift cards. 


The Steamboat Springs Chamber of Commerce has been putting together resources for both employers and employees during these times of unknown, as well as aiding in helping businesses navigate loans through the Small Business Bureau. Steamboat truly exemplifies the saying “we are all in this together” and the city is committed to helping one another through good and bad times. 


Not only are there numerous community opportunities to get involved with, economic opportunities are growing in Steamboat such as the development of the Steamboat Springs Economic Development Council. This council provides resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing leadership, economic programs and support to encourage a strong business atmosphere for business owners and employees. 


Photo Credit: Main Street Steamboat


Entrepreneurs are moving to mountain towns to set up shop away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are entrepreneurs of all scales in mountain towns ranging from remote founders of Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs starting their first local business. The best part about the mountain community mentality is that people are more than willing to share knowledge and lend a helping hand to those with less experience. With this strong economic innovation and community involvement, high quality jobs are becoming more accessible. 


No matter which mountain town you decide to lay down roots, get ready to make lifelong friends in a tight-knit community.  We are all here for the same reason - to have adventures, make connections, and live the dream. This is what makes Yampa Valley such a unique place to live, work and play. 


Angela Ashby has lived and worked in Steamboat for many years. She has hiked, walked, biked, and even driven every corner. Angela is involved in the community and sits on the chair of the Steamboat Board of Realtors. Being an expert in the area, she would love to help you get immersed in the Steamboat community. Reach out