How many times have you traveled to the mountains and looked at a real estate app to scope out the local housing market? Living in the mountains does not have to be only a dream while you’re traveling. What if you could have it all - live, work, and play where you vacation? There’s nothing quite as special as waking up to catch the first chair on a powder day or hitting the trails on your bike surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  


The number of people leaving urban areas is at an all time high. People are prioritizing quality of life and the mountain lifestyle is pretty special. These last few months our world has experienced higher than usual stressful times. We are very fortunate to have a mountain lifestyle we can “escape” to and destress while surrounded by natural beauty. But do you really have to go back? We’ve compiled our top reasons why mountain life might be your next best move. 


Quality of Life


It’s no surprise with all the fresh mountain air, exercise, and laid back lifestyle that quality of life is so high in the mountains. In fact, Colorado mountain towns boast some of the longest longevity in the country. Summit County has the longest life expectancy in the entire United States at 86.86 years old. If you weren’t already health conscious before moving to the mountains, expect a health revolution and major boost in quality of life. Most residents in mountain towns are health “nuts” which helps them power up the ski resort on their morning trail run or take endless powder runs after a foot of new champagne powder. 


Plenty of exercise opportunities



The exercise opportunities of living in the mountains are endless. You can easily get your daily exercise in while having a blast doing it. One of the toughest decisions you will have to make in a day is whether you want to go for a lunch ski run, go for a hike, or hit the trails for a mountain bike ride. Living in a mountain town will encourage you to “level up” your amount of activity, get out of your comfort zone, and seek adventure with like-minded people all while reaping the health benefits. 


Natural Social Distancing 


Our mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado has hundreds of miles of trails for walking, running, and mountain biking. While some trails are busier than others, it’s common for most of them to be the only soul in sight, giving adventurers plenty of room to “social distance.” You may be sharing the trail with wildlife but if you come across another person, you will have plenty of room to give at least 6 feet, most likely much more. We cannot say the same about a trail in a crowded city. 


Family Friendly



If you’re craving a safe atmosphere where your children will grow up to be strong, independent, adventurous, community driven human beings, then mountain town living is for you. Since mountain towns tend to be small, everyone knows each other by name. They all look out for the community members. You and your kids will have forever adventure buddies. It is also common for mountain towns to play hooky from school one day per week to go skiing. We call it “ski PE.” Not to mention, your kids will have the best mountain views from their school while enjoying the endless opportunities mountain towns provide. 


The Community


Photo credit: Library of Congress


We cannot emphasize enough the great, tight-knit community mountain towns offer. The people tend to be relaxed, adventurous, creative, spontaneous, diverse, and fun loving folks. It’s common to head to the store and run into 5 people you know - your child’s teacher, neighbor, yoga instructor, best friend, and possibly the mayor. This means you will have friends everywhere you go! People all flock to the mountains for the same reason - to have adventures, make connections, and live the dream. 


Hopefully this article has convinced you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and head to the mountains. I have walked, biked, and even driven through every inch of my hometown, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My love for Colorado began when I was 10 on my first ski trip to the mountains and has only grown through the years. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the dream with other locals, visitors, and new residents. If you need more convincing, I am here to answer all of your questions. Reach out today. 


Angela Ashby, RE/MAX Partners