Last week, many of us had the opportunity to see some of our local residents hanging out for an afternoon sun nap. Of course, I used caution and took these pics while in my car (note...stay in your car around these creatures). These things happen all the time around here and now that we have sunny days and green as far as your eyes can see, it is an exclamation point on the wonders of this valley. Today, the sky is brilliant blue, the temps are in the 70's and melting the white tops of the surrounding mountains to provide our abundant spring runoff. Next weekend, the 28th annual Mustang Roundup comes to town and as always, there is plenty of biking, hiking, riding, golfing, fishing and water fun to be had. The gondola opens this Friday on the mountain for the summer, so get on up to the high country to ride your bike, take a cool nature hike or just hang out at the top of the gondola to take in the views and have a beverage.

Enjoy the week and have some fun!

2016-06-02 15.28.27




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